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Universal Controllers

0/4...20mA, Pt-100, Thermocouple (J, K, T, S, R) input, Relay, SSR, 0/4...20mA output, ON/OFF, PID control, heating/cooling, RS 485 COM.

Digital&Analogue Thermostats
Used for applications that simple temperature control should be required and indicators do not have the need
Solid State Relays
 They preferred for high performance and quiet operations. Internal cooling increases the efficency and provides easy montage.
Profile Controllers
It produces solution for the furnace control and up to 8 steps to control generates profile. It has selectible relay, SSR and 0/4...20mA output. Also has RS485 communication.

They provide flexible solutions that circuit, flow rate, speed indicators, period, rate, pulse counting between the two signals.



Industrial environment needed in measuring the size, quantity counting and packaging solution needs
Small Size Temperature Controllers
Industrial environment needed in the indicator, heating / cooling and defrost control applications are the solution for producing control devices
Analogue & Digital Timers
Needed in industrial environments, in different ways, offer a solution for scheduling operations.
Digital Indicators
They provide solutions for pressure, flow, level, speed of physical quantities
Digital Potentiometers
0 .. 10V, 4 .. 20mA produces solutions that require all your needs. Digital display indicator on task and synchronization can be used for.
Ammeters and Voltmeters
Thermocouples & RTDs
Needed for industrial type applications, Pt-100 temperature sensors and thermocouple types
Special Purpose Devices
Humidity & Temperature Transmitter
Protection Relays
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