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PID Temperature Controller

Display & Keyboard
Keyboard Mikro switch
PV and SV Display 4 digits, 12mm, 7 red LED 
State Indicator  Control, Alarm1 and SSR outputs 3 digits red LED
Dimensions W77xH35xD71 mm
Mounting  Suitable for flush-panel mounting
Weight Approx. 200g (After packing)
Electrical Characteristics
Data Protection EEPROM (minimum 10 Years)
Working Temperature °C 0...50 °C
Supply Voltage 230Vac +%10 -%20, 50/60Hz
24Vac ±%10, 50/60Hz
Input Selectable multi input (Thermocouple and PT100)
Scala For Fe-CuNi (J) thermocouple 0...600 °C
For NiCr-Ni (K) thermocouple 0...1300 °C
For Cu-CuNi (T) thermocouple 0...400 °C
For Pt10Rh-Pt (S) thermocouple 0...1700 °C
For Pt13Rh-Pt (R) thermocouple 0...1700 °C
For Pt-100 Resistance thermometer -200...+600 °C
For Pt-100 Resistance thermometer -99.9...+300.0 °C
For thermocouple 0...600 °C 
For NiCr-Ni thermocouple 0...600 °C 
For Pt-100 resistance thermometer -100...600 °C
Accuracy ±%0,5 full scale ±1 digit   
Connection 2.5 mm² socket terminal
Power Consumption 4VA
C/A2 output Relay: 250V AC, 8A (for resistive load), Selectable as NO+NC Control or Alarm2 output
Hysteresis Adjustable between 1 and 50°C/F
Control Algorithm On-Off/ P, PI, PD, PID (Selectable)  
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